Screenshot of K-12 Mathematics Intervention Effects tool

MOSAIC develops tools that allow users to explore data from completed meta-analyses and construct their own meta-analyses to answer particular research questions. Our visualizations include evidence gap maps, box plots, and traditional forest plots. We’ve also created a host of other analytics designed to aid in the interpretation and translation of meta-analytic findings. Check out our existing collection of tools below and check back later for more to come!

AIR conducted the largest systematic review and meta-analysis of mathematics intervention effects to date, sponsored by the Institute of Education Sciences. Explore the pool of grade K-12 mathematics intervention effects from the last 25 years using this interactive web application.

BSCS Science Learning conducted a large-scale synthesis of effects from K – 12 science education interventions. This work was funded by the National Science Foundation and published in AERA Open (see Taylor et al., 2018). The web application allows users to explore intervention effects extracted from nearly twenty years of science education studies.

Evidence Gap Maps (EGMs) provide a structured visual framework designed to identify areas where research has been conducted, and where more research is needed. This web application allows users to upload their own dataset and create an EGM to identify gaps in the research.