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Technology is a part of daily life, and growth in tech employment is a natural result of ever-present tech. In fact, in 2022 tech employment grew by 3.2% nationally, adding an estimated 286,400 workers. More than 9 million people work in tech-related jobs, including for tech and non-tech companies. Most employers are hiring for new positions in tech, but are encountering a challenge in finding candidates with the skills they need

As the cost of higher education continues to grow, job seekers are seeking alternatives to find new paths to both career success and academic achievement. Apprenticeships can provide that path, as employers across industries are understanding the benefits of using the apprenticeship model to address skills gaps and increase employee retainment. 

Employers report that they retain over 90% of apprentice graduates and that hosting apprentices increases employee morale. The appeal for apprentices is that they earn a wage and gain education while taking on little to no student debt. 

AIR's Experience with Apprenticeships

AIR has decades of experience in supporting the growth of apprenticeship across regions and industries, and since 2020 has been under contract with the U.S. Department of Labor to help expand apprenticeship among tech occupations. During that time, our partners have reported over 1,400 newly hired apprentices across 14 states. 

Through the Apprenticeships for Tech Network, AIR helps employers source and grow tech talent; supports intermediaries in designing, building, running programs for multiple employers; connects apprentices with opportunities; and connects community partners and training providers with programs. 

Our Network has over 50 members collaborating to scale apprenticeships in tech. Our Hire Ready Partners within this network operate programs serving multiple employers across 17 states, and three programs registered to operate nationally. Discover your organization’s place in apprenticeships by clicking the best category below.





Stephanie Veck
Principal TA Consultant

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